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Living In Gratitude

March 26, 2011


شكر (shukr-gratitude): that sublime emotion that everyone understands. Shukr is a feeling that is intense and sincere. A temporary taste of bliss that usually evokes a verbal or physical response. Your child brings you a glass of water after you come home and you smile and say, “Thank you. I have the best kids in […]

Snapshot of Last Year’s Summer Camp

March 25, 2011


Whenever you return from a trip, especially an enjoyable one, there is a sort of suspension from reality. Some part of your brain refuses to let go of the memories of the moments that have recently passed while another layer of your consciousness nudges you to step into the present. Before I place the first […]

How does your life flow?

March 21, 2011


The Japanese are caught in the horrific aftermath of the Tsunami. Their despair and sense of loss at this sudden catastrophe is enough to jolt anyone from their heedlessness. How fragile is our existence in the face of the commands of Allah? Yet the dictators still cling onto their thrones. It is as if they […]


March 16, 2011


Depression Can a Muslim be depressed? How do you approach the issue of depression from a believer’s perspective?


March 16, 2011


  The clean kitchen floor An eggshell white The subtle blissful warmth Of a cup of sweet tea The joyful, endearing chatter Of never-ending tales The scintillating, splash of sunset At the end of a leaden day The journey to one’s soul On the ebb and flow of Blessed Recitation The engulfing warmth Of being […]

Afflicted with Romance

March 15, 2011


Wedding season is once again round the corner. Many hours of the holiday season will be spent looking upon the beaming faces of the bride and groom and the guests arrayed in all their finery. People will smile and chatter, and at the center of it all will be the newlywed couple.  Why are weddings […]