Islam the Sibghah (Color) of Allah

Posted on May 9, 2011



The oceans dried up

Not one but two,

But the words of my Lord written were few,

Each drop of divine ink

Each letter, each word

Their unchartered depths few have explored


The Colors of Allah

Dye yourself in them and attain falah.

The hues of humility

The perfect tints of gratitude

The gait, the speech, the right attitude

In the style

Of the Nabi (saws) and the blessed few

They strive but they smile as if Jannah they view

Intense in their devotion

Their obedience glows

In the darkest of nights spent bowed low

Not like chameleons

They change their colors, or discard

When the going gets tough, or the opposition hard

Their deen dyed deep

Not washed away

By the changing tides of culture, or fashion’s sway

Awash in divine recitation

They persist and depend

On none

But the One

At peace in the knowledge

That blessed they are

To be drenched in


The Colors of Allah