Posted on June 5, 2011


The moderate Muslimah

Of the just and balanced nation

Destined to race across the Sirat

Devoutly devoted

Determined to do good

At all cost

With her wajh (face) turned

Solely seeking the wajh (face)

Of her Lord

For some, too righteous

For others, too articulate

Intensely defiant to their judgment call

By those whose hearts still bow towards

Qiblah’s long abandoned

By the command of our Lord

Impressed are they

By some of the People of the Book

Intensely they crave the “Moderate Muslim” Badge

The badge is all yours

But, only if you fling

Your own Book

Behind your back

Others desire to reject

Her pious persistence

From cultural prejudice

Requiring unholy submission

Acceptable to them are choirs

Unsanctioned by the Sunnah

Mehfils of zikr decked out and delicious

Celebrations where the Messenger (saws) is praised

But unacceptable

Is simple obedience

To the Quran and the Sunnah

The scathing criticism

The demeaning scowls

Delve not in despair

Nor in self-righteous rage

When Allah said the deen is moderation

Do not doubt His Words

Dedicate yourself

To His obedience

All objections will be obsolete

Inshallah, on the Day

When the Messenger (saws) will stand witness by your side.