Nur (Light)

Posted on November 12, 2011


The layers of darkness

The veils of despair

Abuse in the home

Tyranny in the street

Suspicion clouds judgment

  Blinded by their fears they retreat

Into the shadows of distress

And defeat

Superstition seals their sight

Greed devours their souls

They lust after

Power, profit, and pride

An insatiable hunger

The desires of the flesh they cannot hide

Steeped in the delusions of arrogance

Fear and loathing in their hearts reside.

The waves of darkness

Are impenetrable and deep

The one to whom Allah grants no light

Is lost on a path treacherous and steep

Allah alone

Is the light of the heavens and the earth

Through His light we perceive

The perfect glint of the dawn

On the lip of a drop of dew

Or the light of a supernova born

Somewhere in the deep recesses of space

And the warm glow of affection when we are smiled upon

By His light we tread in this life

Between the valleys of Right and Wrong

We pray that Allah grants us

The light of His Words in our grave

And illumination across the siraat

For our nafs, we attempted to enslave

Intense in our desire to meet the Master

Though the desires of this dunya we intensely crave

Feel the emptiness, the yearning, the despair of your heart

And search sincerely for that insight…

That long lost memory of contentment

And pray that Allah floods your soul with His Light.