Posted on January 25, 2012


The sweetness of a Sajdah

The bliss of fleeing the world,

Just for a moment.

The praise of Allah,

The words of remembrance

Like magic they open…

Hands touch the ground

 Push open the doors between

The temporal and the eternal.

His nearness I feel.

My heart melts in the warmth.

I am comforted and safe.

My desires are known here.

No need to stumble through speech.

Simple silence will suffice.

But most of the time,

The doors will not open for me.

The same words I recite.

I rise back up empty.

The sweetness of the sajdah,

A distant memory.

Some lack of focus,

Some injustice by my hands,

Confines me to this world.

Am I insincere?

Do I reek of hypocrisy?

Is pride blocking my way in?

I am shackled here,

By my ingratitude.

Constrained by constant worry.

Unable to taste the sweetness of the sajdah…

My soul pleads and yearns

“O Allah, as I make sajdah

I know You are watching me

Grant me a moment,

Of sincere repentance

Of undiluted gratitude.

Let me savor again the sweetness of the sajdah…”