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Out of Stock

March 28, 2012


I wish ‘gratitude’ grew on trees, Or I could buy it from the store. Maybe checkout some ‘patience’ with it, A really big jar of both. Maybe borrow it  from a friend, And never let them know. I would keep it and treasure it, And than Allah would give me more. … But no one […]

The Educated Muslimah

March 16, 2012


Originally published at Habibi Halaqas Bismillah  A Muslimah is not an ordinary woman. Her status cannot be understood in this world but will become apparent in the Hereafter. When she is returned to her Lord, she finds that He is pleased with her and to her is granted the honor of drinking from the fountain […]

Interested in a Loan

March 12, 2012


… Loan Allah a Loan. He asked for it. He promised to give it back, Multiplied many times over. … Read the rest of the poem at

Correction: A-cuss-tomed to Profanity

March 10, 2012


I quoted the following hadith in the post ‘A-cuss-tomed to Profanity’ and, may Allah forgive me, I misunderstood its meaning. The hadith was: “Four things! He who possesses them is a pure hypocrite. And he who possesses one of them, has one peculiarity of hypocrisy till he gives it up. (These are) when he is […]


March 3, 2012


Life vibrant and juicy Splashes in splendor for us Enjoy while you can Steal its sweet nectar Breathe in its breathlessness Soon it will be gone Scars of time and grief Will wither away its brilliance And wrinkle its face Soon to join the fallen Fading to obscurity Silent and scentless Droop not in distress […]