Out of Stock

Posted on March 28, 2012


I wish ‘gratitude’ grew on trees,

Or I could buy it from the store.

Maybe checkout some ‘patience’ with it,

A really big jar of both.

Maybe borrow it  from a friend,

And never let them know.

I would keep it and treasure it,

And than Allah would give me more.

But no one seems to have it

Its really in short supply.

Everywhere you go you find

People complaining about the daily grind.

The husbands complain about the wives,

The wives whine all the time.

The boss is unhappy,

So are the employees and the clients.

All the while, the children roll their eyes.

Take another look.

The fault is in the eyes of the ungrateful.

‘Gratitude’ does indeed hang from the trees.

Blessed are we with stuff.

Our spouses are the comfort of our eyes.

Our children the pathways,

To Paradise.

Reach for ‘gratitude’ today,

Savor its delicate taste and say,