O Allah Save Me…

Posted on February 23, 2013



O Allah save me from…

Words that are beautiful,

Knowledge that is logical,

A life full of experiences,

Respect in the eyes of others,

Honor and awe…

O Allah save me…

From beautiful words,

That flow eloquently,

Fluently and frequently,

Speech that is powerful,

That moves others to tears,

But leaves me heedless

Hopeless and  humiliated.

O Allah save me…

From knowledge that is logical,

Well-grounded and authentic,

That appeals to reason,

By proofs, peers and pedigree,

That convinces others,

But leaves me arrogant,

Abandoned and disdained.

O Allah save me…

From life experiences,

Trials, tribulations and treats,

Lessons in sabr, shukr and sincerity,

Life changing opportunities,

That transforms the onlookers,

But leave me stagnant,

Still the same…

O Allah save me…

From respect, honor and awe,

That inspires others,

So they admire and emulate.

Pretentious displays of piety,

That drives them to spiritual gain,

But leaves me in ruins,

Insincere and insecure.

O Allah save me from myself.

In Your Words,

Let me find refuge.

In Your Knowledge,

Let me be honored,

Seeking sincerity in secret…