Posted on June 10, 2013



People say houses are haunted,

But I am haunted by houses,

Or is it the people,

And their memories,

The laughter,

And the tears.

My steps slow down,

The voices ask,

Do you remember me?

Are you still my friend?

Or have you,

Like everyone else.

Moved on?

I can never move on.

In the joyful streets,

Of my memories,

They still reside.

The warmth of friendship,

A kinship of another world,

Never ending ties.

Heartfelt hugs that hurt,

Damp cheeks,

Cold with grief.

Hearts that ache,

With palpable pain.

Forever saying farewell,

It never being enough.

Why do I miss them so?

Many are the paths that cross mine,

Why are these carved in stone?

Because I love them,

And admire them.

Their patience and generosity,

Have left me in awe.

There is one who misses me,

Even though we have never met,

He will greet me. I hope,

At a fountain,

And give me to drink,

If the angels do not block my path,

And lead me away.

What have I done,

To deserve the drink?

Nothing really.

No great achievement,

Can I claim.

Except that I have missed him,

Even more than my family and friends.

My only hope…

 I believe the Promise,

That those that meet and depart,

For His love alone,

Painful though it be,

Will meet again in the shade,

Of eternal bliss.