Taraweeh II

Posted on August 5, 2013



Courtesy of sabeenihsaanart.com

The tide is receding,

The Blessings flowing away,

My heart weeps for I know…

My nights will no longer,

Be full of Quran.

I have stood upon the shore,

Of a glorious sea,

Each verse, each ayat,

A wave of exquisite beauty.

Crashing upon my soul.

Incredible in His Mercy,

He allowed me to drown,

In the glorious recitation,

Of  His Magnificent Qalaam.

Unworthy that I am…

My tears mingled with the Words,

Adrift in the verses,

I could clearly see,

The truth about this life, and the next,

And who I was really meant to be.

Sometimes it stung,

Like salt upon wounds,

“Yes, Allah. I know this is a fault of mine.”

No excuses, no lies,

Can withstand this tide.

As the waves tossed me around,

From the Red Sea,

To the flood of Nuh,

When he called out to his son,

“Come with me, O child of mine!”

The rivers of Paradise,

Glistened before my eyes,

As I watched them flow,

From my home upon high.

Or was it a dream…

The branches laden with fruit,

The subtle, soothing shade,

The scintillating conversation,

The beloved company,

Of those that are beloved…

Secure from the screams of Hell,

I hope to be.

I pray, I plead, I prostrate and weep.

Save me My Lord,

From that cursed company.

The spray splashes in my face,

The Words are a wake up call,

What more proof do you need?

Are the Heavens and the Earth,

Not testifying to His Majesty?

Upon the horizon lies,

The promise of the meeting with my Rubb,

Have I become worthy of His blessed company?

Or am I still stained with hypocrisy,

Still standing at the brink of Hell?

Is it the angels I hear,

Giving me good news and salaam?

Or is it Malik,

The guardian of Hell,

Calling my name?

The waters are retreating…

My feet sink deeper into the shore,

Have I moved forward in my faith?

Or am I still where I was,

When this blessed month began?

Drenched in His words,

Mesmerized by His Mercy,

Determined not to despair,

I push aside my fears.

And pray He grants me another chance…

Another chance to flow in obedience,

Like the rest of creation.

Another chance to carry and be carried by His message,

Even as the sands of time flow through my  toes,

And the tide of Ramadan recedes…