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The Educated Muslimah

March 16, 2012


Originally published at Habibi Halaqas Bismillah  A Muslimah is not an ordinary woman. Her status cannot be understood in this world but will become apparent in the Hereafter. When she is returned to her Lord, she finds that He is pleased with her and to her is granted the honor of drinking from the fountain […]

Time Travel

July 7, 2011


There are time travelers in our midst. It is not very difficult to spot them. They dress differently and enunciate their words slowly. Their limbs are weary from their long travels and eyes are strained from trying to understand this new dimension that they find themselves in. The urban jungle that has abruptly sprouted around […]


April 16, 2011


We have often heard from our parents stories from their childhood that seem completely fantastic to us. The endless number of miles that they had to walk to get to school or the fact that they were given one pencil to use for the entire year and the unbelievable trouble that they would get into […]