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O Allah Save Me…

February 23, 2013


O Allah save me from… Words that are beautiful, Knowledge that is logical, A life full of experiences, Respect in the eyes of others, Honor and awe… … O Allah save me… From beautiful words, That flow eloquently, Fluently and frequently, Speech that is powerful, That moves others to tears, But leaves me heedless Hopeless […]

Out of Stock

March 28, 2012


I wish ‘gratitude’ grew on trees, Or I could buy it from the store. Maybe checkout some ‘patience’ with it, A really big jar of both. Maybe borrow it  from a friend, And never let them know. I would keep it and treasure it, And than Allah would give me more. … But no one […]

Living In Gratitude

March 26, 2011


شكر (shukr-gratitude): that sublime emotion that everyone understands. Shukr is a feeling that is intense and sincere. A temporary taste of bliss that usually evokes a verbal or physical response. Your child brings you a glass of water after you come home and you smile and say, “Thank you. I have the best kids in […]